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Fixing MS Lync Error

Last week I came across this problem and deleting the default keychain did not fix it but somehow could not devot much time to fix it. As the solution was not available on Google, I thought to post it here. The error was:  Microsoft Lync wants to use . Please enter the keychain password  prompt appeared. Unfortunately I forgot to take the screenshot of the error message but it somehow looks like the regular keychain popup window. Worst thing about this error was that Keychain login screen was not accepting any password that I could think of, even though it was the correct one, which actually made it a strange issue for the people who are into the world of Troubleshooting Mac OS. So lets have a look at Root Cause and then at the Fix. The Cause: Microsoft Lync creates a keychain file to store encryption keys. The file is physically stored in  /Users/username/Library/Keychains  and is named something similar to .  This