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How To: Delete Cache in Safari - Only Cache

So, if you already know about Safari, you might be knowing how to Reset Safari and probably that's how you delete the cache while troubleshooting. Right? Well, lets learn beyond this. Let the Helpdesk do Reset Safari for deleting Cache. Today we will cover the advance and more accurate ways that will just delete the Cache and not touch anything else. Let's begin: Launch Safari Go to Safari Menu > Preferences Under Advanced tab you will see a check box for Show Develop in menu bar Close this and go to Develop menu and select Empty Cache - you are done. Let me know if you need screenshot for this post :) If you want to take this Cache deleting thing to the next level, I have more to show you. Navigate to this location:  /Users/Library/Cache/com.Apple.Safari/Cache.db This Cache.db file should be trashed and there would not be any cache left over. Relaunch Safari and it will create a new Cache.db file. Drop a line if you are interested in learing more about handling Cache on Mac