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How to remove caches from the machine It is recommended to delete the caches from your machines as generally these are of no use and occasionally caches become corrupted, impacting the performance and stability of your Mac. Deleting caches won't interfere any process going on your machine and should be done as there may be quite a few extraneous cache files in your ~/Library/Caches folder.. However, over time a cache speeds up your computer (assuming that you do some things repetitively), so if you aren't experiencing any problems, you may want to leave your caches alone. On the other hand, if it has been a long time since you have deleted your caches, or if your machine is running slowly, or if you are experiencing uncertain problems, it might be a good idea to flush them. While Apple doesn't recommend doing this routinely, they indicate that it is a good idea in certain situations. Some other famous sites also recommend this.There are two steps to delete cache from your


Acrobat crashes while trying to launch The other step that you can perform if Acrobat or any other Adobe application is crashing, is to work with the plist files. i. Go to your account and open Libraries. ii. Locate preferences and open this folder. iii. Find the preferences file and move it to the desktop. iv. If this does not helps, then move whole Adobe folder to the desktop and then try to launch Acrobat and this time it should work. These few steps are the most popular and easy ones to follow in order to stop Acrobat from crashing and quitting unexpectedly.


Why Acrobat may quit unexpectedly and how to fix it? Sometimes you might get a prompt that "The Acrobat has unexpectedly quit". There are many reasons that may cause this and also there are multiple fixes, one of which might work for you. The very first reason is Mac OS X is designed in such a way that all the application should ideally be in Applications folder, if in case it is not, then, it might try to play with you. 1. So if the application is installed anywhere else apart from Applications folder, then uninstall it using uninstaller found in /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers. 2. Then reinstall it and make sure it is installed in Applications folder. If Adobe Acrobat is crashing, start troubleshooting from this step and proceed to other ones.