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Tips: How to List Folder Size on Mac

  Hello Again! I have 99 folders inside /Documents/Scriptology/ and I wanted to see the size of all folders and see what can I delete from there. Unfortunately, by default, Finder does not show you size of a Folder on Mac. So had to find out alternative to get the information. Its pretty simple command that unix folks already know. Try this:  du -sh /Users/laeeqhumam/* | sort -n Very practical and very useful, you will get the information as the image below:

Tip: Get more info on WiFi by a click

If you ever, for any reason wanted to get more information and do a network diagnostic of your WiFi connection, you can do it just by a click. Hold down Option key and click / tap on WiFi option in the menu bar at the top. It would show you following window: You can see details of the WiFi network you are connected and also would give you option to 'Open Wireless Diagnostics' at the bottom of the menu.