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Taking Remote Sessions using iTouch

This is one of the most beautiful experience I had in recent times. I used my iTouch to control my home machine while I was in office. I tried controlling PC and Mac, both gave me wonderful experience. I would like to add, it’s not just for iTouch but you can also use it on iPhone and iPad. The software I used was RDM+ lite, you can go for RDM+ full version spending less than $10. Lets have a look at the features: This was the screen capture I took when my nephew was watching The Bourne Ultimatum at home thinking no one was watching him. Have a look at the icons above – it’s the shortcut. You can go to other media items, logoff from here, get info, and if you click on the icon at extreme right, it will show you the keyboard shortcut and special commands. Mouse movement is amazing in this application, its smoother than you can even expect. If you don’t want this shortcut panel you can just drag it upwards and its gone. See the next image in which I have hidden the shortcut bar. Yo