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Using the uninstall command

To uninstall an Application dowloaded from App Store, what we used to do is create a script to locate and delete all the files of the specific app from the different folders and delete them. For others, easiest way was to delete the application from /Applications folder. Recently someone discovered that  uninstall  command is something that Apple has provided since 10.8 but kept undocumented. So how it works: sudo uninstall /Application/Xcode This will ask for admin credentials in CLI & GUI, take a while and uninstall the application. What you need to know about this is if you have packaged the App in question from App Store, then uninstaller would not be able to do the job. Reciept files if missing uninstaller is not able to uninstall the Application. However there is no reason why would you not keep the reciept files after repackaging. In upcoming posts, I will talk about repackaging apps from App Store and disclose mystery of Reciepts & bom.