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Creating MS Office Package & Updates

  Hello Composer Lovers! :) So lets see how is it done using Composer or any other tool for that matter. The major steps remain same in all packaging tools, its just the post install work that might change a little bit. However, if you get stuck with any other tool like Packager, PackageMaker, Luggage or  AutoPKG, feel free to write back to me. Steps would sound same as in FileWave, just few of the things will change. Install the required version Install the available MS updates Locate all the files mentioned below In Composer, click on New and take a blank snapshot or do via Monitor FileSystem Changes Delete everything that got captured Drag & drop the Files and Folders mentioned below in Composer Item 15 should be sent to /tmp/ Add a Post Install script to run the installer from /tmp/ -  Volumes/Microsoft Office 2011/Office Installer/Contents/Packages/ g. See the inline for hint. ​  ​<sudo> installer -pkg /tmp/Office2011_en_dock.pkg -target / Export int