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How To: Enable / Disable FileVault via Command Line

If you are reading this post, I assume that you know what is FileVault and when you need to enable or disable it. When free, I would try to write a post explaining FileVault. How to Check Status To check the status of file vault within Terminal type the following: fdesetup status This should tell you the status of FileVault How to Enable Filevault To enable FileVault type the following: sudo fdesetup enable You will need to enter your admin password. After this you will be guided through steps to complete it. This key has to be written somewhere as this key will help you to recover your disk incase you forget your password. Once done, you can reboot it. This is to create on a specific user account. How to Disable Filevault If you want to disable FileVault you can. Type the following into Terminal: sudo fdesetup disable This will disable FileVault. So if you are interested to know more about this command, do a man check: man fdesetup