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Schedule your Tweets for future

There would be many applications out there in the market but one of those which is definitely super-cool to use, is Hootsuite . Once you sign in to this application, you will find an option as Pending Tweets, this is where you can draft a tweet and schedule it for future. All you need to do is tap on ''Pending Tweets". Go to the next window and write a tweet. Once you are done with tweet drafting, tap on Menu. You will be shown the above screen where you have to tap on Schedule. Set a date and time for your schedule to be posted and tap on 'Set Date' at top right and you are done. Hootsuite apart from giving you additional features, it also has inbuilt browser which opens the url when clicked on. Further you have option to open the url in browser or send to Instapaper or send it via Email / message. It's really beautiful and worth trying.

Setting up iDevices after upgrading to iOS5

The steps are simple…                                             …and you are done!

What’s new in iTunes 10.5

It’s Christmas in October. Lots of people are getting new iPhones, but the rest of us have plenty to celebrate, too, as Apple rolls out iOS 5, iCloud, Mac OS X 10.7.2 and, of course, iTunes 10.5 — the glue that sticks it all together. Fire up Software Update because the mothership has a freebie for you. iTunes 10.5 (download) brings a lot of good things — features we’ve all been wanting for years — to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac: The New iPod touch from• iTunes in the Cloud: iTunes now stores music and TV purchases in iCloud, making them available anywhere, any time, at no additional cost     • Automatic Downloads: Purchase music from any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and iOS devices     • Download Previous Purchases: Download your past music, TV, app and book purchases again, at no additional cost     • Sync with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 5     • Wi-Fi Syncing: Automatically sync your iPhone, iPad, or

Calendar sync issue on iPad and iDevices

If you ever notice that your iPad or iPhone calendar doesn't seem to be synchronizing correctly, or is just very slow, here's how you can fix it. First, this is caused by the technology used to connect you to our Exchange services, called Activesync. It also happens on other devices (Android, Windows Phone, etc). To fix the problem, you are simply going to turn Calendaring synchronizing off, then back on again. From your iPhone/iPad: Open the Settings app and tap on Mail, Calendar and Contacts Tap on you Exchange account Then tap on the On/Off toggle button for the Calendar When the pop-up message appears, tap on Delete (removes the old calendar data on your device) Then tap on the On/Off toggle button again to turn Calendar synchronization back on and receive a fresh copy from Exchange Then tap the Done button. You can now go back to work!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - iReview

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an amazing game that gives you lots of stages to play. Smooth motion and high graphics is so tempting that you can't resist without playing. It costs $ 1.99 and its worth it. Total of 14 stages and each of it has different graphics and weapons to fight. It is recommended to play at high difficulty level. Chopper ride gives you a nice experience of fighting while you sit in a chopper. The second last stage 'Desert Chase' will be little hard to play, but I know at the end, like other games, you will surely make it. Only drawback about this game was that it was quite small and easy. It is recommended to play at medium or hard difficulty level. Battlefield VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL