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Locking iOS Devices for Kids

I recently gave iPhone to my daughter who is 10 years. As we all have experienced kids these days are 10 times smarter than we were in our days :) So I had to lock down iPhone so that she cannot install apps and couldn't use Safari. She is supposed to use Swedish speaking and some other educational apps, and ofcourse Facetime. To get this done, I had created a profile that can be installed on any iOS device and will lock down these settings.  Unzip the file and send the Apple Inc_meme.mobileconfig via email to the iOS device. If you want to install this Config Profile, just open the attachment on iPhone / iPad. This will prompt you with steps to install. The password is mentioned in the info.txt inside the zip file. If you want to use App store, you can just remove this profile using the same password and install it back when you are done.  Download Link There are various other things that can be locked in iOS as well. If it is for your personal use, please feel free to request for