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MS Office Packaging via FileWave

Creating an MS Office Package is pretty easy that the perception about it is. There are couple of files that you need to include in your package and deploy them. Start with having a look at all the locations mentioned below and ensure you can find all of them. Following the process here, you dont need to create separate package for Office Updates. All the package released before the date you are trying this, can be combined into one giving a sleek and clean installer. We will discuss 2 simple ways of doing it. Based on your understanding & preference, you might like either of these solutions. Solution One How To Start The steps we will follow is: Install the required version Install the available MS updates Locate all the files mentioned below Add a Blank FileSet Place the Files and Folders mentioned below Give a name to your FileSet & ensure Requires Reboot is turned off Enable Self Healing, if you like What All You Need Here are the files you need to grab from your Mac: /Appl