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macOS Automation & Scripting

Here are the resources we all use. Give it a try: guillaumegete/dmg2pkg: Make DMG from PKG Positioning a window in macOS – Alexis Bridoux Automating automatic login for macOS – brunerd Piping stdout and stderr to Preview – Erica Sadun Programmatically logout a user in Swift – Alexis Bridoux Troubleshooting “zsh: operation not permitted” – Alan Siu Simplifying pkg recipes with AppPkgCreator – Elliot Jordan Using diskutil to find secure token users on a Mac – Alan Siu Logic Pro scripty bits: tracking current Input device – Charles Edge Allow standard users to manage printers with a Munki NoPkg – Kevin M. Cox Trusting Certificates in System Keychain without Prompting – Twocanoes Software