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User Notification & a Talking Mac

  In today's world where social media has become part of our lives like never before, things have started to make more sense when they are personalized with emojis & GIFs. Cyberpsychologist (oh, it's funny if you've never heard of them?) argue that just by sending emojis we can change someone's state of mind. We can discuss more how your girlfriend or boyfriend didn't let you sleep all night with that one emoji she sent you. How about adding much-loved emojis & talking personally to the logged-in user? The human tendency is to act better in when things are familiar to them. But, this post isn't about Cyberpsychology, so we'll go back to Mac. So, when we know this personalization & emoji works so well, why the notifications that are sent to the users so damn boring? Well, maybe no one thought about it, or maybe we don't care enough. Well, for the ones who want to break the taboo, here is a quick HealthCheck framework that will talk to the user