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How to sort sent mails to a folder If in case you have no Mailing List Manager (MLM) you can set up a rule. Creating a rule for this is: Go to Tools and then open Rules. Select criteria are met: IF Any to recipient contains (enter address or name whose mail is to be moved) and then go define an action THEN Move Message (select folder to which you want mails to be moved). Doing this you can transfer all the mails to one folder.


Automatically moving a sent mail to a folder If you want to transfer your reply mails automatically to a folder than you can do it just by using MLM if you are sending it to a group. There is an option of, "Also move messages I send to the list to this folder", where you define a folder where the mails are supposed to be transfered to.


How to set up Rules in Entourage In this post I am mentioning only the simple way to set up rules in Entourage. This post will be useful for new users only and the Mac masters have to jump to my next post. Creating Rules: 1. Launch Entourage. 2. Go to tools and click on Rules. 3. Select the account type (whichever you are using) 4. Select the condition. 5. Once done then click on OK. Deleting the Rules: 1. In Entourage, goto Tools. 2. Click on Rules and select the Rule that needs to be deleted and click on Delete. Starters can also refer to Microsoft website for Entourage rather than wasting time in finding solutions on blogs. If still unable to get an answer then please write us, we will respond with exact solution charging you a smile in return.


Junk Email settings There is nothing much to be mentioned under this topic as Entourage 2004 and its latest edition i.e. Entourage 2008 has inbuilt feature for Junk emails. It automatically creates a junk folder and sorts all the junk mails arriving the inbox. The basics of JMF (Junk Mail Folder) [i] It is strictly not recommended to put your junk mail folder in deleted items as there is possibility of some good mails being moved to the junk folder. [ii] JMF will not work on any contact that is added in your contacat list. [iii] This is inbuilt in Entourage 2004 & Entourage 2008, in older versions you have to setup JMF manually . If still you continue to get junk mails, you can get a free script to stop spam. New to Blogs? Learn the Basics


How to set up Mailing List Manager? Before we move ahead lets be clear about what a mailing list is all about? These are groups over the net that you join and they send mails to you, generally they come in bulk so it is a wise idea to create a seperate folder for this so that your inbox is never over limit. It is recommended to subscribe to a mailing list as it is a good source of information and knowledge. Here is an example of a mailing list and its subscription. Under mailing list manager rules, there is an option selecting which you can run more rules under one MLM ( Mailing List Manager ). Process to setup MLM: 1. Launch Entourage and select a mail that you have received from the mailing list. 2. Go to 'Tools' from the menu bar and select 'New'. 3. MLM is smart enough to fill up most of the feilds by itself, but make sure from your end that the the feilds entered is according to your preference. 4. Now it will allow you to add new folder to transfer mails coming f


Understanding the basics of Rules in Entourage It is not worth telling you the purpose of rules as we all are well aware of the needs and the working method of rules in any mail client. In Entourage rules are divided into three basic types: (i) Mailing List Manager ( MLM ) (ii) Junk Mail Filter ( JMF ) (iii) Rules that you define (i) Mailing List Manager: Pre- designed by Entourage that is very user friendly and easy to set up for incoming mails from mailing lists . (ii) Junk Mail Filter: These are inbuilt rules by Entourage that are meant to stop the spam mails landing to your inbox. (iii) Rules defined by you: These are very customizable criteria that you set in order to sort, delete or perform any other action with the mails. We will learn the details of setting up and working with rules here. The order in which rules are executed are: First is Mailing List Manager (MLM), second is Junk Mail Filter (JMF) and last are Rules that you define. # It is very important for us to know


Exporting or Archiving your mails in Entourage Exporting mails in Entourage is same as we create .pst files in Outlook. Entourage uses .rge format to export or archive the files. The first step is by which you can archive selected mails to a folder. Using second step we can transfer all the contents of a folder. Archiving selected mails in Entourage: 1. Launch Entourage. 2. Select the mails that needs to be archived. 3. Come under Message menu and click on Move To. 4. Select the name of the Folder where the mails are supposed to be Archived. Archiving complete folders: 1. Launch Entourage. 2. Go to File menu and select Export. 3. Now check all the folders that are needed to be archived and click on the triangle pointing 4. towards right (the next icon). 4. Now name the file and define a location for that filen(that is supposed to be in .rge format). 5. Once exporting is complete, click on Done. Importing archived mails: 1. Click on File menu in Entourage. 2. Go to Import. 3. Locate th


Adding Signature in Entourage Launch Entourage. Click on Tools menu and go to Signature . On this window click on New & enter the signature of your choice and give a name to your sign. Once done, click on close button on top left and it will prompt you to save the sign that you have created. Setting a default Signature in Entourage Launch Entourage. Open Entourage menu and go to Account Settings . On this new window go to Options tab. Under Default Signature select the name of the sign that you want to be set as default and click on OK. Changing a Signature temporarily This can be done from the New mail window itself from where you compose a new mail. Click on the pen icon that denotes signature and it will open a drop down displaying all the signs that you might have created. Select the appropriate on and continue composing your mail. It will have the new sign.

ENTOURAGE - The Most alluring mail client.

Creating a New Account in Entourage Creating a new account in Entourage is simple than any other Email client that you have ever worked on. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to set up a New POP account. Launch Entourage, click on the Entourage menu (on the very top) then slect Account Settings . On this new Accounts window, click on drop down menu next to New and select Mail POP . Now hit the button Configure account manually . On this edit window enter the details i.e. in the Account name enter a name for this account to identify which Email is configured under this account. In the Name field enter the name that you want to be displayed when someone receives your mail (John Smith, JS Inc.) Enter your complete Email address in the E-Mail address box (e.g. Under the Account ID box enter first part of your email address (e.g. john_smith) In the POP server, enter the POP server name that your administrator might have given you (it should be like


Apple has introduced Time Capsule , a wireless device that is an awesome product designed as companion hardware to the Time Machine automatic backup feature. With Time Capsule , users will be able to go back through archived backups to find lost files, photos, digital media, and other data. Once the missing file is found, users can restore it wireless from Time Capsule; they can also restore an entire system from a Time Machine backup stored on the device. Features & Pricing If you are interested in analysing its technical specifications then let me mention it here: Time Capsule features dual-band antennas for 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies. It has one USB 2.0, one Gigabit Ethernet, and three Gigabit LAN ports. It can connect to print wirelessly from a USB printer. Time Machine offers Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA-2). If you are keen about its security then for your information Apple reveals that it meets 128-bit WEP encryption. Apple has set price that will make you think once bef


Time Machine: Smartest Application in Mac OS X. What Apple states it: " Time Machine is a backup utility, not an archival utility, it is not intended as offline storage. Time Machine captures the most recent state of your data on your disk. As snapshots age, they are prioritized progressively lower compared to your more recent ones." Using simple words, it can be stated as an application to back up files on your machine on the same or an external hard drive (USB or Firewire ), which later on can be used to retrieve deleted or lost files. When time machine starts it copies each and every file leaving the caches on your machine to the selected drive, which you can call as back up drive. It copies all the files in it original state without compressing it, so that when required it could turn your Mac in its original state. Time Machine keeps backing up files at regular intervals after the first back up that is termed as incremental backup, while doing this 'incremental/foll