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Remove Contents of a distribution package

Yesterday I got a request to create a VPN AnyConnect package where client asked to remove some of the contents from the file and repackage it with the preconfigured server settings. This is what it looked like: Clients demand was to remove 'Web Security', 'Diagnostic and Reporting Tool' & 'Posture' leaving only VPN in the package. So there are again, two options, take a snapshot using FileWave or Casper and create the package, which any kid can do or try the more advance way of doing it. There is an advance way of doing this - Flatten the package make the changes and Unflatten it again. Steps: 1. Run the command to open the package using  pkgutil 2. Make the changes, delete the unwanted stuffs (the selected ones in this example) 4. Just leave the VPN items: 5. Check if there is anything else the is requested by the client or something under cleanup activity. In this specific example you need to modify the Distibution file. Have a glance at this file and you