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Fixing Keychain issues What is Keychain & how it works? The Keychain consolidates various p asswords and passphrases in one place and makes them accessible through a master password or passphrase . When an application (including the Finder ) needs to access a pass word stored in the Keychain , the application asks you to unlock the Keychain if it is not already open. However there are certain settings in Keychain application which, wh en done, system will not prompt you for password & l og you in straight away. Keychain Access & Keychain Minder These are two contributors to Keychain , of which Keychain Access being the main controlling system and Keychain Minder is used just to change the Keychain master password, specially in the case when you don't remember the old one. Changing the password with Keychain Access Go to Applications (Command+Shift+A) and Open Utilities. Locate Keychain Access & open it. Click on Edit and select Change Password for


For all OSX & OSX Servers Starting a Mac machine in Verbose or Single user mode is generally user for troubleshooting and Software Development. I am publishing a seperate article on this because in many of the troubeshooting steps that I have asked you to start your Mac in Verbose mode or single user mode in my last articles. Process to start in these modes: You need to shut down the machine, for new users I would like to add that you if in case you need to do a hard reboot of your machine, please keep the power button pressed for more that six seconds, reason being Mac goes in sleep mode if you press the power button for 3 seconds and you will never know if your Mac is completely turned off is just sleeping. After starting the machine, press Apple key and one of the v/s keys in combination. Here ' v' will take you to Verbose mode and ' s' will take you to Single user mode. To Exit from Verbose and Single user mode: You need to type reboot while exiting from Sing


PROBLEM IN TURNING THE MACHINE UP (for 10.3 and older only) The worst thing you could ever experience in a computer is not turning up. No matter how many times you do a hard boot but the result is same. If the machine is Mac, there could be variations in error notification. Most of the time it is a simple issue that you could fix after going through this article. IDENTIFYING THE SYMPTOMS There can be empty blue screen with a spinning wheel (the progress indicator in Mac). A " Prohibitory sign " appears or " Kernel panic error " is mentioned on the screen. Blank gray screen without any text could appear. No notification , but machine doesn't turns up. There can be empty blue screen with a spinning wheel (the progress indicator in Mac). I am mentioning 5 simple steps that you can try and hope it will work for you, but if in any case it doesn't works then try the last few steps that are slightly critical but I know you will easily do it because you can't


For MAC OSX (Only OSX will be supported in this post) If you need to start your Mac machine in Safe Mode (Safe Boot), please follow these steps: 1. Make sure you machine is turned off/shut down. 2. Now press the power button. 3. As soon as you hear the startup tone, press the Shift key. The Shift key should be held in a fraction of seconds, but make sure, you don't do it before the tone. 4. Leave the Shift key when you see the start up screen (gray Apple icon) and the progress indicator (in Mac it is a colored spinning wheel ). While startup in Mac OS X 10.4 or newer version, you will see "Safe Boot" on the first login window, (which will appear even if you do a normal login automatically. During startup in Mac OS X 10.2 through 10.3.9, you will see "Safe Boot" on the Mac OS X startup screen. If you don't want to start you Mac in SafeMode, just restart the machine normally, without holding any keys during startup. If you are new to Mac then please go to th