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Unable to find incoming mails in inbox

I got a user who faced the issue that whenever someone sends her a mail she could not find it in her inbox. She checked the details and sent mails to herself but was unable to find it there. The main issue was that she had exchange account configured in her Entourage and could see the mail in her webmail but as soon as she launched her Entourage the mail disappeared.
It did not take long to understand that this problem is just because she had a rule set up which was causing all the mails which were coming in the inbox were automatically getting deleted. So just deleting the rules fixed her problem.
If we move a step ahead there could be some other reason which could cause this happen. The other reason could be MLM, Mailing List Manager. If a rule is set up under MLM you will not be able to get your mails and will take effect as soon as Entourage is launched.
So if you face any wiered issue please don't forget to check the MLM & Rules. For some more details on MLM & Rules please click here.

If you want to retrieve the old mails which are deleted you can follow these steps to Recover Deleted Items.