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How to set up Rules in Entourage

In this post I am mentioning only the simple way to set up rules in Entourage. This post will be useful for new users only and the Mac masters have to jump to my next post.

Creating Rules:
1. Launch Entourage.
2. Go to tools and click on Rules.
3. Select the account type (whichever you are using)
4. Select the condition.
5. Once done then click on OK.

Deleting the Rules:
1. In Entourage, goto Tools.
2. Click on Rules and select the Rule that needs to be deleted and click on Delete.

Starters can also refer to Microsoft website for Entourage rather than wasting time in finding solutions on blogs. If still unable to get an answer then please write us, we will respond with exact solution charging you a smile in return.