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How to recover deleted items in Entourage

This option of recover deleted items is used when you delete the items even from your deleted items and you require that particular mail after that.
Unfortunalely we can not retrieve mails from Entourage id we have deleted it once, but for the Exchange accounts there is a work around.

  • Login to your webmail and goto Options.
  • Now select Deleted items. A new box will come up with the options to Recover Deleted Items and Remove or Delete Permanently.

  • Now here it comes- you will find all the mails that you have deleted in last 30 days.
  • Select the mails those you want to be recovered and it will go to the folder where it was deleted from.

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Beary Burn said...

To recover the deleted items from Entourage Id, you may try a third party Entourage recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Entourage repair software. This tool is designed with advanced scanning methods to scan the entire database deeply. After scanning item by item, the software recover all deleted items in a tree like structure from where you can select all or desired items to be recovered. The application supports MS Entourage 2008 and 2004 versions.