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Understanding the basics of Rules in Entourage

It is not worth telling you the purpose of rules as we all are well aware of the needs and the working method of rules in any mail client.
In Entourage rules are divided into three basic types:
(i) Mailing List Manager (MLM) (ii) Junk Mail Filter (JMF) (iii) Rules that you define

(i) Mailing List Manager: Pre-designed by Entourage that is very user friendly and easy to set up for incoming mails from mailing lists.
(ii) Junk Mail Filter: These are inbuilt rules by Entourage that are meant to stop the spam mails landing to your inbox.
(iii) Rules defined by you: These are very customizable criteria that you set in order to sort, delete or perform any other action with the mails. We will learn the details of setting up and working with rules here.

The order in which rules are executed are: First is Mailing List Manager (MLM), second is Junk Mail Filter (JMF) and last are Rules that you define.
# It is very important for us to know the instinct of Rules (created by you) in Entourage that when we create multiple rules, the rule on top in the list will also be on top priority.