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How to set up Mailing List Manager?

Before we move ahead lets be clear about what a mailing list is all about? These are groups over the net that you join and they send mails to you, generally they come in bulk so it is a wise idea to create a seperate folder for this so that your inbox is never over limit. It is recommended to subscribe to a mailing list as it is a good source of information and knowledge. Here is an example of a mailing list and its subscription.
Under mailing list manager rules, there is an option selecting which you can run more rules under one MLM (Mailing List Manager).

Process to setup MLM:
1. Launch Entourage and select a mail that you have received from the mailing list.
2. Go to 'Tools' from the menu bar and select 'New'.
3. MLM is smart enough to fill up most of the feilds by itself, but make sure from your end that the the feilds entered is according to your preference.
4. Now it will allow you to add new folder to transfer mails coming from this list. Create a new folder with the name that you can recognize easily. (if you have subscribed to many mailing list then create a main folder in the root and put subfolders in it with the name of mailing lists).
5. All the new mails from this list will now come directly to this folder.
6. If you want existing mails to be moved to the defined folder then select all the mails in the inbox and right click (or hold ctrl key with the click) and select 'Apply Rules' and 'All Rules'. This option will help you to move all the old mails sitting in the inbox to the selected folder.
This way without selecting the mails seperately you can transfer them to the desired folder.