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Entourage responding too slow

Too many mails in your inbox.
How it impacts: Every time when send & receive runs on your machine, it takes time to sync depending on number of mails on the exchange server.
Fix: You need to move mails from your exchange/POP/IMAP account to your computer folder.
Process: In order to fix this follow the following steps:
a. Launch Entourage.
b. Select the mails that you want to move from exchange to your computer. You can use command key to select multiple items.
c. Now drag those folders to "On My Computer" folder in Entourage.
d. If you want to add sub folders under "On My Computer", just use contextual menu on this folder.
Just like the mails you can also copy the whole inbox in "On My Computer" folder.

Please Note: Once you move those mails from your inbox, it is moved from the server so you will not be able to check those mails from anywhere else, i.e. from any other machine.

Other useful steps could be Archiving the mails to Macintosh HD or any other storage device or you can also create rules to delete certain certain items from the inbox automatically.