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Exporting or Archiving your mails in Entourage
Exporting mails in Entourage is same as we create .pst files in Outlook. Entourage uses .rge format to export or archive the files. The first step is by which you can archive selected mails to a folder. Using second step we can transfer all the contents of a folder.

Archiving selected mails in Entourage:
1. Launch Entourage.
2. Select the mails that needs to be archived.
3. Come under Message menu and click on Move To.
4. Select the name of the Folder where the mails are supposed to be Archived.

Archiving complete folders:
1. Launch Entourage.
2. Go to File menu and select Export.
3. Now check all the folders that are needed to be archived and click on the triangle pointing 4. towards right (the next icon).
4. Now name the file and define a location for that filen(that is supposed to be in .rge format).
5. Once exporting is complete, click on Done.

Importing archived mails:
1. Click on File menu in Entourage.
2. Go to Import.
3. Locate the .rge file that needs to be archived and click on right arrow.
4. Once importing is complete then click on Done.