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ENTOURAGE - The Most alluring mail client.

Creating a New Account in Entourage
Creating a new account in Entourage is simple than any other Email client that you have ever worked on. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to set up a New POP account.

  • Launch Entourage, click on the Entourage menu (on the very top) then slect Account Settings.
  • On this new Accounts window, click on drop down menu next to New and select Mail POP.
  • Now hit the button Configure account manually.
  • On this edit window enter the details i.e. in the Account name enter a name for this account to identify which Email is configured under this account.
  • In the Name field enter the name that you want to be displayed when someone receives your mail (John Smith, JS Inc.)
  • Enter your complete Email address in the E-Mail address box (e.g.
  • Under the Account ID box enter first part of your email address (e.g. john_smith)
    In the POP server, enter the POP server name that your administrator might have given you (it should be like
  • Now in the password field enter you password for your email address.
  • For future convenience Save the password in my Mac OS keychain.
  • In the SMTP server field enter smtp server name from administrator (like
  • Select the Click here for advanced sending options button.
  • Put a check on "SMTP server requires authentication" box and close by clicking on the small square on top left. Click OK.

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