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How to take screen shot in Mac

The idea of writing this post came in my mind when I asked one of colleague to send me a screen shot of an application in Mac as I was out of office. She was unable to do it till I guided her how to do it as she has been a Windows user and was very used to PrintScreen button. The main problem is that there no inbuilt key on the Apple keyboard but Apple have included two ways of taking screen shots.
The first way is to use the Grab tool in Utilities. Once you launch this utility you'll find few options in the menu bar. If you expand the Capture menu there are four sub-menus namely Selection, Window, Screen and Timed Screen.

The fourth option Timed Screen is really wonderful which gives you a option to take a screen shot after 10secs. This could really be beneficial when the mouse is busy and you need to take a print screen of Mac when mouse is busy.

Another method of taking picture is pressing those three buttons in combination Command + Shift + 3. This takes a screen shot of your whole screen of your Mac and saves it in the form of .png file. This is an image file, and is saved as Picture 1.png and is created & saved in sequential order i.e. Picture 2.png, Picture 3.png and so on.
If you want selected area to pe taken as a screen shot then press Command + Shift + 4 and pressing this key command gives a small marquee style cursor to select the area you want to capture.
Some additional commands:
If you press the space bar after pressing the key command (Command + Shift + 4 ) and before you drag a box, you get a small camera. This is very useful as it will automatically crop and image and only take a picture of the window or menu you select.
You can also press control while dragging your selection cursor . This will instead of creating a file on your desktop, copy the image to the clipboard that you can use directly to paste anywhere.
If shift is pressed it locks the vertical height of the selection cursor .
If you hold down space after you make a selection, before releasing the mouse, you can move your selection around the screen.
If you press option and drag your selection cursor it will create the marquee from where first clicked. If you want to close it, just press escape.

Now capture the screen te way you want.


Anonymous said...

Unblvable i was aware of com+shf+3/4. great thnx to you mate.

Anonymous said...

The control+shift+3/4 is not working for me. I can crosshair and hear camera 'click', but image shows as a digitized diagonal. Suggestions?

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