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Entourage Crashing and closing automatically

Sometimes it might happen that as soon as you launch Entourages it closes down and not allows you to work. This might happen due to permissions and can be fixed by rebuilding the Entourage database. Here is the process to repair it, you need to rebuild the database:

Rebuild Database process (with images)

Hold the Option key while launching Entourage.
a. The other option to rebuild the database is to first close all the Microsoft applications.
b. Launch Applications (Command+shift+A).
c. Go to 'Microsoft Office 2004' then 'Office' and then open 'Database Utility'.

d. Select Rebuild Database & click on Continue.

e. If there is any MS office program running, it will give you a prompt to close it down.

f. Once the rebuild process is complete, click on Done.

g. Entourage will bring you back to the same window, this time click on Quit.
Once this process is complete relaunch Entourage. For the very first time your Entourage might take long time depending on the size of your folders and database.
Other reasons could be Fonts, Schedules, Duplicate daemons.
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