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Adding Signature in Entourage

  • Launch Entourage.
  • Click on Tools menu and go to Signature.
  • On this window click on New & enter the signature of your choice and give a name to your sign.
  • Once done, click on close button on top left and it will prompt you to save the sign that you have created.

Setting a default Signature in Entourage

  • Launch Entourage.
  • Open Entourage menu and go to Account Settings.
  • On this new window go to Options tab.
  • Under Default Signature select the name of the sign that you want to be set as default and click on OK.

Changing a Signature temporarily

  • This can be done from the New mail window itself from where you compose a new mail.
  • Click on the pen icon that denotes signature and it will open a drop down displaying all the signs that you might have created.
  • Select the appropriate on and continue composing your mail. It will have the new sign.