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Schedule your Tweets for future

There would be many applications out there in the market but one of those which is definitely super-cool to use, is Hootsuite. Once you sign in to this application, you will find an option as Pending Tweets, this is where you can draft a tweet and schedule it for future.


All you need to do is tap on ''Pending Tweets". Go to the next window and write a tweet.



Once you are done with tweet drafting, tap on Menu.


You will be shown the above screen where you have to tap on Schedule.


Set a date and time for your schedule to be posted and tap on 'Set Date' at top right and you are done.


Hootsuite apart from giving you additional features, it also has inbuilt browser which opens the url when clicked on. Further you have option to open the url in browser or send to Instapaper or send it via Email / message.

It's really beautiful and worth trying.

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connectionfailure said...

Yeah I'm really enjoying Hootsuite as well, especially how it hides some of the URL clutter. Now if we could get it to hide "@" and "#" symbols as well, replacing them with different-colored text...