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10 Great features of Mac OS X Lion - I

Mac OS X Lion has 250 new features which were discussed in WWDC’11 this week. Let’s have a look at few of them which are really appealing


1. Auto Save:

Ever thought how wonderful your life would be if you don’t have to bother about saving your document at regular intervals. Apple’s new OS X Lion has various new features among which ‘Auto Save’ is quite amazing. While you keep working, Lion will take care of saving your documents. In case you want to lock the changes, just zoom in on the title bar of your document you can see the name of the document is a menu now and you actually can tap / click on it. Under this option you will find four menu – Lock, Duplicate, Revert to last Opened and Browse All Versions.

Lock: While working, you reached to the final level of your project and you like it in that form and don’t want to change in any more – no problem – just click on Lock and it till lock your changes. Now, unless you do it manually, your data is locked.

Duplicate: Ok, assume the scenario when you like this copy and don’t want to make any change as this is almost perfect still you want to try few more things to make it better. Again, you don’t need to take risk, just click on Duplicate and your last copy is saved and now you are on a duplicate one – play as much as you want.

Revert to Last Opened: If you feel the document was better the way it was when you last opened and worked on it, and you want the changes you made today to be vanish off – try Revert to Last Opened, it will meet your requirements.

Browse All: I prefer calling it ‘Time Machine's Kid’. If by mistake Auto Save has saved your docs and you don’t want this one and need  to revert – don’t panic – go to Browse all, it will show you lovely new interface, just like you get in Time Machine. The only difference is that Time Machine shows you version of whole system but this feature is only about this file.

Watch some of the features here – MacMasters