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Connecting your iMac to projector

The idea to write this post came to my mind this weekend when I was planning my Mac training and had to connect the iMac 24” to a projector so that it is visible to my 14 people class.

VGA AdapterIf you want to connect your iMac to an external projector or display you can do that, but you need to have a VGA Digital Adapter. You can find this adapter on Apple Store at a price of $29.00. This adaptor gives you the possibility to connect your iMac through its Mini Display Port with a projector, an LCD which has VGA cable or connector or an analog monitor. Before you buy this product you have to be sure that your external LCD monitor, display or projector supports at least one of your iMac’s resolution and if it doesn’t you will not be able to see at the external monitor.

Now you know a couple of ways to connect your iMac to your TV. Don’t forget about the image adjustment in order to have a better view you can adjust the image from your monitors control panel. And once you have connected you will be able to see your favorite movies, TV shows, pictures or images slideshows on a big screen. You can even play your favorite games or you can invite for friends over for a movie night and a lot of popcorn.
Apple iMac with this great feature gives anyone the possibility to see what they want on a bigger screen and that is great.