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Run Mac OS X updates via Terminal

To run this command line, first open up Terminal from Applications > Utilities. Within Terminal type the following:

sudo softwareupdate -i -v -a

This script will run and do the following: First it will invoke the software update tool, it will then install any available updates using the -i modifier, it will also install all of them using the -a modifier. Finally the -v modifier will tell you what is happening. In short, look, download, install.

If you want to use this tool but you don’t want to install anything. You can let the tool list any downloads available to you. To do this type the following:

sudo softwareupdate -l

The, -l, modifier will list any updates. It may take a while for anything to appear, its best to let it run. You will get something similar to the image below if any updates are available.

A simple and useful command, that is quite interesting. If you want more information on this tool, type the following into Terminal.

man softwareupdate

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