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Alternative way of taking backup of Mac

We all know the great app created by Apple, that is Time Machine. It is a brilliant application that every user should have and use it. In case you can’t manage to use Time Machine as your backup tool, you might want to try an alternative way to take one time backup. Here is another way of taking backup of your Mac using Disk Utilities.

We will use this tool to take image of your current volume which has OS in it and can be used for back up. This backup is better if you don’t have a dedicated hard drive but use it once a week or so. As soon as you get this drive, you take a backup and then can replace where you got it from.

Taking backup of your machine is way enabled you to use the newly taken image as OS whenever your machine crashes or you get another machine and you want all the files to be as it is on your older one.

Great feature, lets try and explore more.


Anonymous said...

Thank u fo the info
Its wonderful

Laeeq H said...

u r welcome - plz gv if there is any feedback.

James said...

Indeed this was really great tip,I never thought about this one. This will really help in case you need the same OS on the new machine or you can say different machine. I believe you can boot from those image, isn't it?

Laeeq H said...

Thank you James.
Yeah you are absolutely right, you have to select the source to boot your Mac from and this one would surely show you as a volume to select.

Custom Software Development Services said...

Thank you for ideas about Backup of Mac, I will take it using my mind and best thought which will help me...thank you for the post..

Sarah Alawami said...

I can't see the steps actually. I only see the last part about exploring the process. did I miss something?