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SlingPlayer lands on iPad

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad was looking pretty slick when we saw a preview a couple weeks ago, and now, just like that, it's arrived at the App Store. Folks who already invested in the iPhone app might be a bit disappointed to find they need to fork out another $30 for the iPad version -- although they can keep using the iPhone app in "Compatibility Mode" if they'd like -- but Sling is touting new video quality levels for the iPad, that your iPhone can only dream of, to sweeten the deal. There's also a new program guide UI and other iPad-friendly tweaks. Check out that video preview after the break to learn more, or just hit up your local App Store and start downloading (it's rolling out in typical App Store fashion, which means it might take a few minutes to pop up in your particular iTunes).
slingplayer SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is exactly what you think: a new iOS app that lets Slingbox Solo and Pro-HD owners watch and control their home TV and DVR from an iPad. You can view live media from your cable or satellite subscriptions, or stream something from your DVR, Apple TV, or even compatible home security camera systems. The program guide has been revamped for iOS's touch-friendly environment, and a "recent channels" feature makes it easy to get back to what you were watching. And the video quality is a lot higher than that available on the iPhone app.

Unlike the SlingPlayer app’s debut on iPhone, AT&T didn’t have to throw down its wireless hammer to defend its network this time around. The SlingPlayer app for iPad works on both 3G and Wi-Fi.

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