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How to hide MUD (Microsoft User Data) folder

Be it MUD folder or other folders, you can hide them using the following command provided you are registered as a Developer. Some applications like MS Office, Final Cut X etc create their own user data folder inside your Documents folder, which at times is irritating. Here are the steps that you have to follow in order to hide the folder. This command has to be executed in Terminal:

SetFile -P -a V "~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/"

Now once it is hidden all the apps which require those folders or files in those folders will be able to access it, it just that it is hidden. You can replace the path of the folder from what is mentioned above.
If you want to see that folder back in your Documents folder, try following command in Terminal:

SetFile -P -a v "~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/"

This command works well, but the only drawback with this application is that it needs you to be a developer to use this.

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Jackie said...

will it work for swift also?

AL Humam said...

Yes definitely.