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iPhone 4 Braille Display for iPhone blind users

The wireless Braille display stretches the iPhone 4 markets further more

If  you are blind I guess you won’t be reading my blog for iPhone 4 Braille display. However, if you are not you should firstly be thankful for having the ability to use iPhone 4 and secondly should help iPhone blind users.

According to an estimate 3% of the world’s population is blind. This makes around 200 million. If we segment it properly we can get around additional 6 million potential consumers who can use iPhone 4 Braille display to overcome their inability.iphone 4 braille display

Around the world we have many blind users’ appliances. The segment is niche but still can stretch iPhone deeper in the minds of the consumer. Recently it has been revealed that iPhone Braille display can be used by blinds to use iPhone with ease. There are various Braille available which can be connected to iPhone 4 via Wi-Fi and thus enabling blind users to access iPhone. Although the users cannot see, but they still can touch and fell the iPhone 4 features.

The iPhone 4 Braille display works in a simple and convenient way. The Braille is connected to iPhone 4 via Wi-Fi and upon each tap a robotic voice announces your tap loudly. In this way blind users (with ability to hear) can listen to the voice commands they are tapping on their iPhone 4 from the Braille. Moreover some of the devices are dynamic so they let the blind users analyze the situation even without voice.

This new innovation is definitely bringing a change for Apple and blind users, but it is under experimentation. There can be a possibility that Apple announces its official Braille accessory to facilitate its new consumers and bypass competition.