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iPad and Apple TV in media

Recently, a lot of media companies are paying heed to the Apple TV apps for iPhone and iPad. Apple has recently launched the iTV which is gradually penetrating into the mobile television market. It seems like Apple’s proclaimed mobile television market has become a lucrative option for media companies. This is the reason we see them pouring in their apps for iPhone and iPad. iPhone and iPad TV apps

Various prominent media broadcasters have introduced their Smartphone apps. AT&T U-Verse is an IPTV based television service. They have made their app, which enables the user to download and view content from their iPhone and iPad. All U-Verse customers would be able to subscribe and can use the iPhone TV app to view the content. They would also be able to use the application for managing the DVR. This is currently available for paid app only.

Some of the satellite TV providers like Disk Network also give its subscribers the ability to view content on the iPhone and iPad. They follow a different model of free app and paid content. Netflix and Verizon also follow a similar sort of model for free apps with movie rentals.

These media broadcasters are coming to Smartphone for a reason. There is a constant increase in the Smartphone market and the television providers would enhance their share in the market from advertisements. Soon enough the Smartphone industry would see a shift in mobile TV while Apple would be the best reaper due to iPhone and iPad mobile TV apps.