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Active Synch for Hotmail on iPad & iPhone

At last, Microsoft announced ActiveSync support for Hotmail on iPhone and iPad.

This development will open new doors to easy access for iPhone and iPad users who access Hotmail and other similar web services. The MS Hotmail ActiveSync was previously supported by other Smart-platforms like windows mobile, windows phone 7, Nokia (E S, and N series), but now it will also be supported by iPhone and iPad.

The Hotmail support for Microsoft’s exchange ActiveSync (EAS) will now be available to customers worldwide. This is a push synchronization support which on the iPhone and iPad would require just a tap to perform synchronization with your email, chats and other Hotmail services.

iPhone and iPad users can use Microsoft Hotmail ActiveSync, which will enable them to get their mail, calendar and contacts on a tap-to-push automation using the exchange server. The support is quite robust and supports multiple MS windows versions. The ActiveSync works in a very similar fashion of any live exchange server. It updates both the nodes at the same time for live synchronization. This means that changes made on the phone can be seen on the web and vice versa. This is not all. The ActiveSync also supports extended capabilities for MS Outlook. So if you are using Outlook for synchronization you can set up ActiveSync for Hotmail synchronization for your iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft further announced that ActiveSync is not yet available for Android. According to reports, the MS Hotmail team is looking forward to deploying it on Android too but there are some technical limitations, which are creating hindrance. Until then iPhone and iPad users can be grateful that they own an Apple product.