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Twitterific for iPad - $4.99 for Pro, Regular account- free

The terrific twitter client for for iPad

twtr We have been seeing this application on Mac since long time, now Twitterific has launched version for iPad. Largely the same interface as we've seen in prior iterations, and it makes the transition well here. Again, as usual, columns are easy to navigate and the sheer volume of information never seems cumbersome, although we find it pretty annoying that you have to switch to portrait mode to click on links, photos don't get their own formatting (relegating you instead to the site), and there doesn't seem to be a way to follow a public conversation thread - but ya, it's free and great for multiple simultaneous feed navigation. Some people might find Twitepad ($0.99) more to their liking, but in our time with the software it was a little too crowded for our tastes, and buggy in its current state. It's definitely one to keep an eye on, though.
Im sure if you have used this application on your Mac you will continue to use it on your iPad once you get one for you. Keep Tweeting.
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