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Drag & Drop feature introduced in Gmail

Just like Outlook or any other Email client, now you can drag & drop files to attach in Gmail.

Before April 15, 2010 to attach a file we had to click on Attachments, then browse all the way to select files and attach them. Now its the talk of ancients, now post April 15, 2010 you can just drag files and drop them to your composing Email and it will get attached. 
Gmail Drag
Once you drag the files over the browser with Gmail, it will give a prompt of ‘Drop files here’ which once done, should attach the file to the Email.
This was one of the most awaited feature of Gmail by users. The limitation of this feature is that it is enabled and will work only on Firefox or Chrome as of now. IE users hope a better tomorrow which should come soon. For more details, you can visit Google blog. Some other resources are DNAMail, TechieBuzz, findithow and LivBit.