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10 Essential iPad Tips & Tricks

Well, if its just about using an iPad, anyone can do it. There should be a difference between a common man and a professional. Here are some of the tips by Gizmodo that will surely help you become smarter while playing with an iPad.

  • The Soft Reset

  • Cut, Copy and Paste for Experts

  • Import Your Own (Free) Books

  • Easy Mute

  • Never Buy a Digital Photo Frame Again

  • Take Giant Screenshots

  • Super Fast Webpage Scrolling

  • Preview More Of Your Mail

  • Bring Up the Virtual Keyboard With a Real Keyboard

  • Downrez 1080P HD Videos...Or You Can't Watch Them

  • #11 BONUS: Put 6 Apps In the Bottom Tray

For all the above mentioned tricks, please read this article from Gizmodo.