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New Text features in Mac

Here are some additional features which are not so popular while typing text in Mac.

Character substitution

In OS X Snow Leopard, Apple introduced text substitution. While for the most part it is used for symbols, it can also be used for word substitution. Apple includes a number of default options, such as copyright and trademark symbols, but provides the option to add customized words and other substitutions of your choosing. To set this up, go to the "Language & Text" system preferences, and in the "Text" tab, use the plus button to add new substitution options. In order to use symbols, glyphs, or other nonstandard characters in the substitution, when you are entering the replacement text it might be useful to have the system's "Character Viewer" panel open (available from the input menu) so you can insert desired symbols.


One additional composition aid that is available in Snow Leopard is word suggestion, which can be used in part as an autocompletion feature. To invoke it, just start typing a word and press escape. Applications that support this feature will display a list of words that start with the entered text, and then highlight a suggestion. You can then use arrows to select from the list, or continue entering characters, and when the desired word is highlighted, pressing either the "Tab" or "Enter" keys will complete the word.