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Changing Permissions of all contents in a Folder

This method is specially for changing the accessibility of all the files places in one folder.

Picture 2 Here are the steps to change read/write access to multiple files placed in the folder. If you like to use Apple terminologies, you can call it as they do it: ‘Changing permissions of all enclosed items’ in a folder.

1. Select the folder and press Command + I to get the info of the folder.
2. It will show the permissions of the current user on that folder.
3. Click on the lock down the bottom and unlock it (it might ask for admin credentials).
4. Once unlocked, click on the drop down next to gear icon (setting icon).
5. Select ‘Apply to enclosed items’ and lock the info.

Once done, you should have rights to play with all the files inside the folder. This method is easy and can be in seconds, although if you work at an IT helpdesk like me, make sure that you don’t grant access to application or system files to end uses. I would really don’t like your boss screaming at you for any faults.