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Changing the autorecovery interval

How to change auto-save or autorecovery interval for Office for Mac applications(Excel, PowerPoint & Word)

One of the drawbacks that we all agree about Mac is that it freezes more as compared to PCs. Once it is frozen, you are supposed to do a force quit which is more likely to lose the data. Hence it is necessary that you reduce the autorecovery time to the least possible interval. Here are the steps: (I am taking the example of MS Word for Mac, although the steps are same for all three applications)
Picture 1

  1. Launch the application
  2. Click on Word menu and go to Preferences
  3. From the left column, select Save
  4. Now check the option Save auto recovery info every xx minutes
  5. Click on OK and the preferences are saved

Before I end, I would like to repeat the suggestion by Microsoft, make a habit of Command+S as soon as you take a pause. This will save you from all panics.