Blog by an Apple Certified Tech

How to speed up your Mac?

Simple steps to increase speed of your Mac. These changes will not make any harm to your machine and can be tried by anyone who is not even too tech savvy.


  1. Rebuilding your desktop is recommended once a month. This can be done by holding down the Command and Option keys while you restart your Mac. Keep the keys pressed until the computer asks if you want to rebuild the desktop. Click OK.

  2. Also remove the fonts you never use. (The process is to open the Fonts folder in the System Folder and simply drag the fonts to Trash).

  3. Open the Extensions Manager control panel and turn off system extensions that you don't need.

  4. It is always recommended to add RAM if your computer takes a long time to open programs and slows down when working with multiple programs or large files.

These small steps would definitely increase the speed of your Mac.