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How to make Terminal transparent?

Simple way to give a new transparent look to your Terminal

Some of us guys might be working on Terminal a lot and might have been boring seeing the same dark black screen. This is a very simple way to give a transparent look to your Terminal window. They call it a hack, but I call it a cool trendy method and is quite useful.

terminal First of all you have to enable the tab bar, this can be done by going to View > Show Tab Bar. This usually enables the feature to have more than one tab opened simultaneously. Once you enable the tab bar, you can select the tab at the top of the Terminal window and slightly drag it. This usually moves a tab around, however in the process it makes it invisible. This might need some practice and soon you will be perfect in moving the window in such a way that it will go invisible. If you want modify Terminal even more there is plenty of preferences go to Terminal > Preferences > Settings, here you can change how Terminal looks and behaves.