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Creating a simple webpage using Mac

How to create a basic website on Mac?

Interested in designing a webpage for yourself and are not even aware of the spelling of HTML, then Mac has a solution for you. This application has multiple web-designs like basic page, photo gallery, podcast etc. All you have to do is arrange all the images that you need to be used in this website and you are ready to go.


iWebThis is an application which is pre-installed on every Mac since iWeb 1.0 was released in 2006. If you have been ignoring it since it first came out because it had some issues then, I recommend giving it another try. This is especially true if you don’t plan to get too elaborate with your web site ambitions.

iWeb is a great basic web designing tool, integrated into the Mac OS system and it uses various native Mac applications like iPhoto and iMovie and helps you to create a fully featured web sites. If you do want to host your iWeb site yourself, you need to save the site to a folder from iWeb’s interface (not to the web), the upload that folder to your server and point your domain name to the right file inside of it. If you want to host it on the server contact any hosting service provider. The best thing of this application is that it is designed so easy that you will not even need any assistance from anyone. So what are you waiting for, lets give it a shot.

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Julie Hauritz said...

I recently had to fix my hard drive under warrenty, but now I seem to have lost access to my website to change using iweb. Is there a way of downloading the site to my own computer and begin to update it? Or am I bound to re build it from scratch?