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Changing the login screen in Mac OS X 10.6

How to change the login screen background in Snow Leopard?

Since the time you have bought your Mac, you might have been seeing the same boring background of login screen. There is a small trick that can help you to change it. Here are the steps:
intrepid-osx-login 1. Go to Finder and open ‘Go to Folder’ or you can also hit Command+Shift+G to open the same screen.
2. Now in the path, type /System/Library/CoreServices/ and click ‘Go’.
3. Once done, find the image file in the name of ‘DefaultDesktop.jpg’ and replace it with the image or file of your choice.
I would suggest to make a backup of the original file.
Also see the resolution of the image so that you can replace it accordingly and the new image looks perfectly fit to the screen.
That was all! Now you can reboot and try this hack, its wonderful. This trick works to change the login background in Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 only. I know you are smart enough to find the file in Leopard also.


Anonymous said...

didn't work for me. help?

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