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If you want to set your Mac so that it turns ON exactly on the time you want, you can do that I used this command syntax:
pmset repeat wakeorpoweron MTWRF 00:00:00

Let me simplify the command so that you can understand it. pmset is the command, wakeorpoweron is to tell your Mac to turn it ON if it is OFF or to wake up if it is sleeping. MTWRF are the weekdays where R represents thursday, I know you are smart enough to understand the reason and 00:00:00 is the time you want your Mac is to be back in action.
Now, if you want to cancel this schedule, then type the following command:
 pmset repeat cancel

Though, this is not a big help as it can also be done from energy saving options in your Mac, but there is limit of setting only couple of schedules.  Using command line you can set as many rules as you want. This is what we call being a step ahead of the crowd. In coming posts we will discuss more about pmset command and its versatility.

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Lisa P said...

Yeahh I was wondering why did u write this post wen we can do it with GUI. but got the details in last line... ok would be waiting to know what all can we do with this command.
Lisa P