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What is so special about TwitterFun

For the users who are Twitteraholic and cannot run their business without it can now download Twitter application on their desktop. One of the best that I use is TwitterFun.

The best part is this application is too compact and can be kept at any corner of the desktop.
Another great feature is that it has inbuilt url shortner where url can be shortened with just one click and it can be set to a mode where you paste long url and it will automatically shorten it even without a click.

Some of the other features are its inbuilt reply button where you don't even have to bother about typing @before a reply. It can also take you to Twitter homepage just by one single click.

You can also select sent Tweets, recieved tweets, archive tweets and lots more, if you own a mac, give it a try.

If you need additional Twitter applications for Mac,you can find 50+ from here. Here almost all the application for Twitter is available, if you have iPhone, download one from here.


Anonymous said...

thre are some better options I guess... have u tried tweetie?

AL Humam said...

Correct, there are few others as well. One of the best is Tweetdeck which I use personally.