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10 tips to optimize the speed of the Mac machine

1. Use A Wired Mouse & Keyboard: Though a wireless/bluetooth mouse is cool, but using bluetooth means it can left behind. When you are low on battery it makes you work slower because you have to move the mouse more same is with the keyboard.
2. Clear Caches: A Mac machine runs on caches. After long period a cache becomes corrupt or full of erroneous data. Removing it will speed up your computer. To know more about deleting cache, visit this link.
3. Check Your Processor Performance Setting: There is an option to change how fast you processors run to save power, it is under System Preferences > Energy Saver > Options. If your Mac is slow, you can try this option to increase the speed and get maxium out of your Mac, but this will use more energy and reduce battery time on laptops.
4. Turn Off File Vault: This is meant to encrypt the data of the hard drive, but by turning it on, your computer has to work harder to decrypt the information. If it is really not required, you can turn it off under System Preferences > Security > File Vault.
5. Use LAN Instead Of Wi-Fi: In todays world we prefer to be on Wi-Fi, but the fact is that it is comparitively slow, better user wired LAN/Ethernet connection. Installing a new LAN cable instead of using Wi-Fi will will increase the performance when using your home network.
6. Upgrade Your Network Architecture: If you are using an old 10Mbit LAN network it is really slow. Upgrade your network components to run at 1Gbit which all new Mac support. With a new faster network your will definitely see a big speed improvement.
7. Upgrade Your Internet: Although this wont be a viable option for most people. If you can get the fastest internet option available. A lot of things use the internet on your Mac, the faster your internet is the quicker these jobs will complete.
8. Upgrade Your RAM: One of the biggest speed improvements is to add more RAM. The more RAM you have the quicker your Mac will run.
9. Get A Fast SSD Hard Drive: A hard drive with a faster access time will enable your computer to run quicker. This is because it will take less time for your computer to find the applications it needs. This may only be an option for people running on iMacs and Mac Pro’s.
10. Repair Disk Permissions: In Disk Utilities, repair the disk permissions for your Mac disk. Enables improved performance. Will not make a real big change, but does help if you have a two year old Mac and have never run this command.

Hope following these small tips, will overall improve the speed of your machine.